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national union of healthcare workers endorsement

NUHW represents 15,000 hospital and nursing home workers in California. Vote Yes on Prop 16 to promote racial and gender equity by ending the ban on affirmative action in California. Will hospitals ignore California’s new COVID testing requirement. The incumbent DA, Jackie Lacey, is heavily funded by law enforcement personnel, refuses to be transparent in her dealings with them or to hold them accountable for their abuses, and has opposed reform efforts. This inflexible requirement has hindered past efforts to use staff other than sworn officers for functions that do not require a sworn officer’s unique capabilities under the law, and will hinder future efforts to shift resources away from militarized policing and make better use of mental health and substance use disorder clinicians and other social workers and support staff to address public safety issues from a public health perspective. It was formed in 2009 after a split with the SEIU United Healthcare Workers West History. Measure U would replace it with a progressive gross receipts tax, modeled on Berkeley’s, which sets different tax rates upon different industries, which have different profit rates. Vote No on Prop 22, which asks voters to classify drivers for ride-share and delivery companies as “independent contractors,” not employees. Connie has previously served as an aide to NUHW allies former Supervisor Sophie Maxwell, former District Attorney Kamala Harris, and most recently Supervisor Aaron Peskin, as well as serving San Francisco residents in roles at City College and the Recreation & Parks Department. She would be a strong voice for health care and health care workers on the Board of Supervisors. Assemblymember Cottie Petrie-Norris has supported all of NUHW’s top priorities during the pandemic, voting for bills to provide health care workers with more PPE, enhanced sick leave, and presumptive workers’ compensation coverage for COVID-19-related illnesses, as well as to establish full parity for mental health and substance use disorders so people will get the care they need during this crisis and into the future. Prop 25 will help reduce mass incarceration, particularly among low-income people and people of color. In the State Senate, Eggman will be one of the Valley’s top health care champions. The biggest 10% of corporate property owners will generate 92% of the additional revenue and more than 75% of the funds will come from properties that have not been reassessed since prior to 1990 – just 2% of all commercial and industrial properties. Rodriguez has been an ally of NUHW’s struggles in Orange County, and we can count on him to show the same courage fighting for health care workers and our patients in the State Legislature. With COVID-19 still raging, we are in the fight of our lives. In Sacramento, Cortese would succeed Jim Beall as one of our strongest allies in the State Senate. Establishing a loophole that allows exploitation of these workers will open the door for employers seeking to degrade our jobs. Vote Yes on Prop 21 to allow cities and counties to establish rent control on residential properties. Over the past few months, dozens of NUHW members across the state have interviewed candidates for elected office and recommended for endorsement those whose values align best with our union’s, and whose accomplishments qualify them best for the offices they seek. Measure US would increase the oil severance tax by 15 cents per barrel to raise money for community health services, children’s services, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Gil Cisneros has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with health care workers fighting for quality care and good jobs all across the OC, and has distinguished himself during his first term in office by working closely with us to demand answers regarding health care providers’ COVID-19 testing guidelines, and by winning badly needed additional health care funding for his home district. Like the United Electrical Workers (UE), it’s not affiliated with the AFL-CIO. If passed, Prop 20 would expand the list of offenses that disqualify inmates for parole, consider an individual’s entire criminal history and not just their most recent offense in parole decisions, and make it harder to qualify for nonviolent offender parole. Download Instructions. Endorsements - National Union of Healthcare Workers WE'RE IN THE FIGHT OF OUR LIVES Please use this slate of NUHW-endorsed candidates and causes, whose records have been reviewed by your fellow members, to help guide your votes. As a Councilmember and former Mayor the City of Walnut, Andrew Rodriguez has shown the courage to take on fierce opposition and support housing for the homeless residents of his city. Bryan Carlson Terra Lawson-Remer, a lawyer and economist, served as a Senior Advisor in the Obama Administration developing environmental policies to cut pollution from the oil industry. As one of the County’s COVID-19 response coordinators, Root Askew has helped patients get testing and badly needed health care services. Instead, people would either be released automatically or based on their assessed risk of committing another crime or not appearing in court if released. Earlier, Von Wilpert worked at the National Labor Relations Board, enforcing federal labor laws, and before that served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Botswana, where she helped improve access to health care for children and families for two years at the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Vote Yes on Prop 18 to allow 17-year-olds to vote in primary and special elections if they will turn 18 by the following general election, like 19 other states and the District of Columbia. These internet platform companies are spending tens of millions to pass Prop 22 and pad their profits at workers’ expense. | The National Union of Healthcare Workers is a worker-led movement dedicated to improving the lives of caregivers and patients. Additionally, Prop 21 would allow rent in rent-controlled properties to increase up to 15 percent over a period of three years when tenants turn over. Workers’ power is on the line in three key races for Oakland City Council, which has been struggling to address homelessness and gentrification, reform policing and redirect funding to meet community needs, and raise the revenue necessary to pay for vital services and good jobs. We urge members to vote for them both in that order using the City’s ranked choice voting system. U.S. Sen. Gary Peters, the Bloomfield Township Democrat seeking re-election this fall, has scored the endorsements of 20 labor organizations, his campaign announced on Labor Day. This proposition would affect residential properties over 15 years old and exempts individuals who own up to two residential properties, so will not impact single-family homeowners who rent out space. Full text of "Medicaid program investigation : hearings before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, House of Representatives, One Hundred Second Congress, first-[second] session" See other formats The results of these races will decide whether the Council’s policy stalemate breaks our way. Josh Newman is an Army veteran, former tech professional, and workforce development leader who when previously in the State Senate authored legislation that enhanced veterans’ and mental health services, improved local schools, supported job creation, and protected open space, as well as strongly supporting health care workers and the entire California labor movement.

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