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metal roof lifespan

Most insurance certificates concerning the roof will mention a lifespan of 50 years, which is considered to be the longest period that the metal will last. Now you know the lifespan of the two types of metal roofs. One of those questions should be regarding the lifespan of the two types of metal roof systems. Education, Metal roofs can also be fitted directly over old roofing. Made of recycled material. 4. Available in a wide range of colors and styles. Depending on what kind of paint is used on the steel or aluminum panels will determine what kind of warranty you get on a screw down metal roof system. The amount of extreme weather in your area determines how fast that wear and tear affect your metal roof. Color of the roof – A dark roof absorbs more heat, which shortens the lifespan; Angle of roof slope – Higher pitch roofs tend to last longer. The aluminum metal roof reflects light and heat from the sun. What is the Life Expectancy of a Metal Roof? In addition to reducing energy use in the home, most metal roofs contain 25 to 95 percent recycled content and are 100-percent recyclable at the end of their life. Average Flat Roof Membrane Life Span. June 28, 2016 Admin 0 Comment(s) Flat roofs on commercial buildings have many benefits, and if properly maintained can last even up to 50 years. A properly installed metal roof typically will last as long as the house, with an expected lifespan of 40 to 70 years and, often, a 30- to 50-year manufacturer’s warranty to boot. What’s more, many metal roofs feature space-age, cool-roof paint technology that reflects the sun’s radiant heat away from your home. Every roof goes through wear and tear from the weather throughout its life. The expected lifespan of a metal roof is 30 to 50 years in Florida, with an average of 40 years. With periodic maintenance, you could possibly stretch it to 30 years. Built-Up Roofing (BUR) A built-up roof (BUR) is a layered roof that is created by alternating layers of … A standing seam metal roof system is a series of panels that are locked together at the seams or seamed mechanically. While this is a solid lifespan, when comparing metal roofs vs. shingles, metal roofing lasts much longer. So, how long should the two types of metal roof systems last? This painted finish protects your metal panels from the elements and keeps the color you choose from fading. Once a standing seam roof has been installed, virtually no maintenance is required except at the penetrations such as vent pipes, gas pipes, etc. That makes it crucial that your local roofing contractor takes all the proper precautions to protect the finish during installation. To figure out which of the metal roofs is right for you, read this article on Metal Roofs: Standing Seam vs. Screw Down Panels. Orientation of roof surface – A roof slope facing south will get more sunlight, and have a shorter life. Even though it doesn’t require much maintenance, you should still have it checked yearly to protect your investment. Typically, a quick yearly inspection for minor maintenance is all that’s needed to keep a metal roof in working order. This allows for panels to expand and contract freely when the metal heats up and cools down. But did you know there’s still more you need to consider before choosing between the two? Most of the sites I see indicate that a metal roof should last between 30 and 50 years but some say the metal roof can last the lifetime of the home. Most metal roof types come with a typical warranty of 40 years. 3 things that affect the lifespan of your metal roof. Check out our metal roofing resources for inspiration and answers to your questions. As homeowners seek to maximize the lifespan of their roofs, it is unsurprising that residential metal roofing has been gaining steadily in popularity. Because of its durability, a metal roof installed on your home can easily outlast the home. Screw down panels don’t come with the Kynar 500 painted finish. Some metal roofs can sustain wind gusts up to 140 miles per hour, will not corrode or crack, and may be impact-resistant (depending on which metal you choose). Are you ready for a roof replacement? Under the ideal conditions, a standing seam metal roof could live for 50 years. Looking for a distributor or contractor? Although the average life span of a metal roof is estimated to be 50 years, State Farm ® Insurance cites metal roof life expectancy in the range of 40-70 years. Just be aware that your local weather will factor into the lifespan of your metal roof. There are products available to imitate non-metal materials, such as tile, panels — even wood and asphalt. Privacy Policy, 4 Signs You Should Replace Your Metal Roof, metal roof over the commonly used asphalt roof, top 8 questions to ask a roofing contractor, Metal Roofs: Standing Seam vs. Screw Down Panels. This could include periodic painting to avoid rust, replacement of defective or damaged panels, and re-fastening the roof if any fasteners become dislodged during roof movement. That means that for many homeowners a metal roof will be the last roof they purchase. The roof looks good in general. But of course, it was also great to “go home” again. There are many different types of flat roofs that have been used in the last few decades; typically, the three membrane types we’ll discuss are used. If you have a screw down panel metal roof and live in an area with regularly high temperatures, the lack of expansion capability will shorten its lifespan the more it has to expand and contract. To learn more about how critical maintenance is to your roof’s life span, read this article on why roof maintenance is important. Unlike a standing seam, because the fasteners on a screw down panel are exposed they need more maintenance. This durability means that metal roofing requires infrequent maintenance or replacement. Metal roofs can last over 60 years, all while decreasing heating and cooling costs. The lifespan of a metal roof can also … Metal roofing is one way for homeowners to not only maximize their roofs lifespan but also add beauty to their home. How Long Will Your New Standing Seam Metal Roof Last? The seam sits between the metal panels, at the highest point of the roof. For example, every evening after finishing for the day, the roof has to be cleaned off. Even though the paint has a 30-year warranty, it doesn’t mean it’s going to disappear after 30 years. Tin Roofing (Lifespan: Average of 50 years) The weather in your area and protecting the finish on the metal panels impact your metal roof’s life. Metal roof system life expectancy – 30-45 years. Fade & chalk resistant. As a preferred service provider, these values will continue to be at the forefront of McElroy Metal’s model along with a strong focus on the customer. As time passes, the pressure caused by a lack of expansion and contraction of the metal will cause the holes in the washers to get wallowed out by the screws. As a contractor, I am not cheap enough to try and push a 29 gauge off on anybody. Curved Span-Lok™ metal roofing is a performance-rated architectural standing seam metal roof system. Energy efficient. Standing seam panels offer a distinctive, timeless look. On the other hand, a screw down metal roof could get up to 30 years with regular maintenance. A metal roof lasts 3 times longer and is engineered for 155mph winds. The weather in your area and protecting the finish on the metal panels impact your metal roof’s life. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(3406853, '8155a6d8-4885-4a34-bcd2-056f624457a9', {}); 2969 Armory Dr., Suite 300Nashville TN 37204, Tennessee Contractor’s License #883 © All Rights Reserved. When faced with roof replacement, many homeowners debate whether they want to install the popular and cheap asphalt roofing shingles, or spend more money and invest into a longer lasting, more durable metal roof. The most common metal roof material we see in this area is galvalume, which is a steel sheet with an electrolytically-applied coating of a combination of zinc and aluminum to extend the lifespan. So, how do the two metal roof systems compare on other important factors? Unfortunately, lower upfront costs are often outweighed by a shorter lifespan and frequently required maintenance. Inspection based on manufacturer recommendation. Additionally, asphalt roofing needs frequent repairs and shingle replacement as well as re-caulking and sealing as the roof ages. Lifespan. Durability. Be aware, because screw down metal roof systems screw the metal down, the roof isn’t able to expand and contract naturally. This misconception is due to suppliers in the roofing industry using warranties to sway buyers—when homeowners see the big, flashy term “lifetime warranty,” they rarely read the fine print or take the time to fully understand what that warranty actually covers. Continue reading to learn more about the 3 key factors that affect your metal roof’s lifespan. It is essential for homeowners to choose the substrate and coating on their metal panels that match their long-term performance expectations. All of the major steel panel manufacturers use a patented process to apply a painted finish called Kynar 500 to standing seam metal panels. Now you know the lifespan of the two types of metal roofs. If the roof is properly maintained and inspected, it is not unreasonable to expect your metal roof to last 40 years or longer. Even with a properly installed roof, it’s important to have an annual maintenance inspection no matter what kind of roof you have. But do you know what affects their lifespans? As long as it’s properly installed and your attic is adequately ventilated, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get at least 30 years out of your standing seam metal roof. Due to this lack of expansion capability, I would not recommend putting a screw down metal roof over a heated space such as your home or office. No matter which metal roof system you have, it’s important that it’s handled carefully during installation. Pros of metal roofing. How Much Does a Standing Seam Metal Roof Cost. However, metal roofs last for even more than 60 years. Repairs and replacements are rare. There are common commercial roofing systems that have lifespans anywhere from 10 to 40 years and they include the following: TPO roof system life expectancy – 22-30 years. Installing an aluminum roof shouldn’t take a lot of time because of its weight. Now you know how long your metal roof will last. There’s nothing you can do about the weather. Many can be repainted if needed. If you live in an area that gets snow and a lot of hail the integrity and finish on your metal roof panels will weaken quicker. Topics: They can't leave cuts, little triangles, or any type of shavings on the roof because the steel will rust overnight. Metal roofs can last 40-70 years, depending on the material. There are many substrates and coatings on the market which is why it is vital for homeowners to work with a company or contractor with the experience necessary to help them select the best panels for their home. Metal roofs are also resistant to shrinking, eroding, and cracking making them able to withstand extreme weather conditions like heavy snow and hail storms. Why Choose Kynar 500® for Your Metal Roof, Need a New Roof? When you work with us, you’ll never worry about your roof again. Always eager to educate, I’m going to answer that question and more. As reputable Corpus Christi TX metal roofers with decades of experience handling many roofing projects in the last few years, we advise homeowners to take note of leak areas around their metal roofs. Are you considering a metal roof over the commonly used asphalt roof? Metal roofs are attractive, durable, and can last up to 70 years. It depends on the quality of installation, but on average exposed fastener metal roofs (which do, indeed, use EDPM washers if not of very low quality and life-expectancy) are a 15-25 year roof, while a quality standing seam job is a 50 year roof. Metal roofs can last fifty years or more! Scratching or damaging the finish on the panels will expose the fresh steel to dew or moisture in the air, causing them to rust. With proper installation and routine maintenance, a tile roof can withstand fires and in some instances, offer greater protection against high winds, hail and freeze-thaw climates, providing years of worry-free performance. Average lifespan 50+ years. Aside from their attractive aesthetic appeal, metal roofs are far superior to other conventional roofing materials due to an incredible life expectancy. How Much Does a Metal Roof Cost Compared to Shingles? Your standing seam metal roof comes with a 30-year paint warranty on the Kynar 500 finish. Roof Overlay vs. Tear-off. The average lifespan of a metal roof is about 60 years or longer according to The Metal Construction Association. This durability means that metal roofing requires infrequent maintenance or replacement. In 2005, Illinois Farmer, John Louis was thrilled to move back to the family farmstead when his parents made the move to town. Without complications, the average lifespan of a standing seam metal roofing is considered to be 50 years or more. Metal roofs can last fifty years or more! Resistances – Some materials are more resistant to the harsh elements of Florida’s climate such as the heat. Metal roofing runs the gamut of price and quality, starting around $115 per square for … Standing seam metal panels have Kynar 500, while screw down panels have whatever painted finish the manufacturer puts on them. You can expect a metal roof to last at least 2 to 3 times longer than a regular roof.

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